Sixty6 Media Group

was created to deliver content and interactive experiences to users in the airport space. We have created a partnership with Reachme TV, that will allow the consumer to enjoy content on the go while traveling between flights. Sixty6 Media Group has over 25 years of success in the Entertainment Industry. The Company is lead by Tevester E. Scott an industry guru, that has developed and managed the careers of over 20 Artist that have achieved platinum and gold record status. This includes the creating innovative marketing tools to meet the every changing environment. Sixty6 Media group manages all ACDBE certified businesses for Reachme TV. This ensures all Federal Guidelines/requirements are met in airports nationwide in regards to ACDBE participation. Sixty 6 Media Creates content in addition to aggregating content for the Reachme TV Network.

Our Produced Shows:

1. Concert Series – Lets GO – the concert series tapes Artist of various genres in intimate and private locations . The Artist interviews are engaging and give the audience a chance to discover the thoughts of the Artist. The Artist then perform live over a 30 minute period.

2. Video Show – Daily 30 minute show of today’s hottest videos.

3. Entertainment Break – 5 minute segments of Artist and Entertainers introducing their new products, videos or movies.

About the President

Tevester Scott has over 25 years experience in the Entertainment Industry. He currently serves as Chairman Of The Board for the Northwood Country Club,  and CEO of CUSP1 Business Development (A marketing and business development firm for governmental and the private business sector focusing on the growth of mid-level business product and services. They have recently added the expansion of Tele-Health services in 5 Southern States and developed a Concierges Service for over 30 Doctors.) Scott is the Founder President of Sixty6 Media Group, a media development company that provides music and content for its partner Reachme TV. This venture will create new content and performances for airport partners. From esigned all marketing and promotional campaigns for each Artist’s release. He also conducted all day-to-day operations, related business, and contractual negotiations.


ReachMe.TV is a 24/7, multi-channel, digital entertainment network and integrated global distribution platform that connects public screens in high-traffic, high-value areas such as airports, retail stores and hotels, delivering the newest entertainment to viewers on the go. With 5,000+ public screens, the ReachMe.TV channel can be seen in the top 50 airports in the United States, is featured in nearly 600,000 hotels rooms nation-wide and by the end of 2017, will be seen in over 1 million hotel rooms across the United States. ReachMe.TV was built from the ground up with innovative technology that connects the screens viewers pass to the screens in the palms of their hands, allowing them to take the content with them. Programming includes hundreds of hours of prime time content, sports, specials, news and current events, along with a broad array of digital content from some of the top producers and networks in the world.

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